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Continental Gallery is not a gallery as you know it. We don’t specialize in exhibition activity nor on sale of artworks of famous artists. With our project CogyBooks we want to open the curtains in our children’s rooms and let the sun shine on the pale children’s faces sitting behind screens of their computers. We strive to offer them an alternative that would keep up with the times and wouldn’t make them unpopular with their peers; and that, on the contrary, would help them to develop their creative skills and soul using the technology of the 21st century.
With the help of teachers and graphic artists but mainly children and adults, we have developed and improved the methods and attraction as well as the content of our e-books. It turned out that not only children but also adults deserve something to be able to forget about their everyday worries, unwind, switch off to – simply relax.
And this is how our books and e-books were born. We believe everyone will find what they are looking for within themselves.

If you are interested in the story of what led us to the idea of books and e-books, read the article Our Story.

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