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How to Limit Internet Access

Jak omezit přístup na internet

In the article How Everything Started with CogyBooks, I talked of how I agreed with my son Adam to limit his access to the Internet at specific hours.

The thing was he spent too much time playing online games not only instead of studying but also to the detriment of his sleep. As soon as he came back from school, he threw his schoolbag to the corner of his room and played online games often until 2 A.M. That is why we agreed it couldn’t continue like this anymore and that instead of his promises to limit communicating on social networks and playing games, we would limit his access to the Internet.

You can agree on the same with your children, too. You should be kind though and not forbidding, especially if your child is a teenager. So, how should you proceed?

There are several options. The first one is to use the function offered by operating systems.  In case of Windows 7 and 8 OS, it is the Parental control functions, in case of Windows 10, the Family function. Computers running on MacOS offer the option of Parent control. Another option is to limit Internet access on your router or modem. Unlike the previous options, the advantage of this one is that using your router or modem, you can limit Internet access on several devices at once, i. e. not only on a personal computer, but also on a smartphone, tablet or iPad.

For detailed instructions, see:

1) Family: For devices running on Windows 10 OS
2) Family control: For devices running on MacOS
3) Limiting Internet access on a modem or a router

You usually receive one of those devices from your Internet provider. The advanced functions of a router or a modem involve parental control. With the use of this function, the parent or the network administrator has the option to set which websites and at what time a particular user/family member can access. Most routers and modems have this function. So, all you need to do is to log in to the device, search for Parental control in the settings, and then set a timetable of permitted or forbidden Internet access.
Unfortunately, this cannot be demonstrated with a single example, as there are many different brands of modems and routers and every device works differently. Nonetheless, every device you purchase (or receive from your Internet provider) contains a manual which can help you.
You can see that it's not that complicated by looking at a specific example from TP-Link:
And if you still don’t dare to set your router, contact your Internet provider who will certainly help you, or ask your friends and together you will make it.

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