O nás

Společnost Continental Gallery, není typickou galerií. Nespecializujeme se na výstavní činnost ani na prodej děl slavných umělců. Prostřednictvím projektu Cogybooks se snažíme odhrnout závěsy v dětských pokojích a pustit sluneční paprsky na pobledlé dětské tváře sedící za monitory svých počítačů.

Our story

Do you know that feeling when you are calling your child to come to eat and they don’t come, because they are playing some online game and they can’t?  I have two sons, and this happened quite often in our home, especially with my younger son Adam. This was driving my wife crazy and...

How to Limit Internet Access

In the article How Everything Started with CogyBooks, I talked of how I agreed with my son Adam to limit his access to the Internet at specific hours. The thing was he spent too much time playing online games not only instead of studying but also to the detriment of his sleep. As soon...